CxCodebashing, built with the developer in mind

Are you tired of having to attend security training workshops, but feel powerless to the fact they’re obligatory?


Are you tired of having to attend security training workshops, but feel powerless to the fact they’re obligatory? You’re already pushed for time enough as it is as if you could afford a day out of the office!

When compared to the likes of speed and the amount of bugs in code, security may not seem important, but you know full well that it is, why else would your manager be so keen on your attendance?

What if I told you there’s a painless way around it that doesn’t take you out of your usual environment; a way that would even satisfy your manager…

I’m serious! It’s called CxCodebashing

Forget mundane workshops, video-based tutorials, mandatory online courses and classroom presentations, CxCodebashing delivers hands-on, engaging and interactive training in addition to on-demand remediation support.

By cultivating a culture of software security, Checkmarx makes it so developers get to wear the “hackers hat”, and see all the moving parts of the application stack relevant to explaining a vulnerability.

This means training is focused around specific needs relevant to you the developer so that your attention is not diverted away from accomplishing your main priority — writing code. That’s right, have your cake and eat it too, forget about struggling to recall problematic lines of code.

As a leader in both vulnerability detection and security training, Checkmarx stays current by taking real-world examples from penetration testing teams and customers who share real code level security issues.

By ensuring security is built in from the start, Checkmarx has solved the problem that many organisations face — shifting left.

CxCodebashing allows businesses to raise the baseline AppSec knowledge across their entire development team in a fast, scalable, and positive way. The philosophy behind CxCodebashing is to empower developers long-term by making security second nature.

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