Data residency control and Atlassian Cloud plans

Data residency control and Atlassian Cloud plans

If the absence of control over data residency was putting you off of the Atlassian Cloud Standard and Premium plans, you’re in for a treat.


What is Atlassian data residency? Data residency enables Atlassian organisation administrators to specify where subsets of their product data at rest are hosted.

Control over where data is hosted is a necessity for most

Businesses of all sizes require control over where their data is hosted. Not having this previously stood in the way of certain teams making the move to Atlassian Cloud altogether, but no more… Atlassian has taken action to resolve this hindrance based on feedback from users and has confirmed that in addition to the Enterprise plan, control over data residency will be included in Standard and Premium Cloud plans later this year.

The price of data residency in Standard and Premium Cloud plans

Having the addition of control over data residency in these plans must come at an extra cost, right? Wrong! Atlassian has stated that there will be no corresponding price increases. The change is the result of customer feedback which concluded that control over data residency is a widely held requirement across teams of ALL sizes, not just enterprises.

Atlassian Marketplace apps and data residency

Currently, Marketplace app configuration and data may be stored externally to Atlassian’s network and so is outside of Atlassian data residency controls.

Data residency roadmap

Atlassian intends to allow customers on Cloud Standard and Premium plans to enable data residency on their Jira and Confluence instances in the second half of 2021. Details on specific timings and dates are expected to follow in the not so distant future.

How Clearvision can help


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