Five things Clearvision did right this Christmas

Five things Clearvision did right this Christmas

It's the most wonderful time of year, so why not make it so for your employees?

Every company does something different for their employees over the festive period, whether that’s to show appreciation or to get them in the Christmas spirit. We hope this blog inspires your employer with some ideas for the lead up to Christmas this year, next year and beyond.

5. Christmas jumper day

It’s a must in any workplace, and many organisations do it to get their employees in the festive mood. It’s a simple touch, that loosens up the usual seriousness of a typical working day. We saw some great jumpers this year, but here’s a throwback.


4. Secret Santa

A time to surprise colleagues with an anonymous gift. You never know what someone from work might be going through outside of the office, which is one of the main reasons why Secret Santa made our list. Even if you don’t know the person you’re buying for, you never know how much it could mean to them, no matter how big or small the present is.

Christmas gift

3. Decorations

Whatever it is, tinsel or a tree, having decorations around the office can cheer everyone up, adding excitement to the build up to Christmas.

Christmas decorations

2. The Advent Calendar

The Clearvision advent calendar is something I’ve not seen done before in any other workplace. Employees enjoyed daily surprises, from hot chocolate and building gingerbread houses in teams, to Christmas games and leaving an hour early on one of the days; it brought a smile to everyone’s face in the office.

1. The Christmas party

Number one on the list has to be the Christmas party, we ate, we danced and took a lot of photo’s! Every business should do a Christmas party, it helps everyone wind down for the year, and gives them the chance to loosen up and make some memories together outside of the four walls of the office!

Christmas party

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Clearvision!

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