How The Atlassian Tool Set Works

Atlassian's suite of tools has grown over the years, as has the company itself. Here, we look at what these solutions can offer users, and how they fit together.

Atlassian Tool Set

As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, we’re often asked by our clients to advise them on the best way to integrate Atlassian tools into their existing setups, or to implement the Atlassian suite in its entirety as part of a brand new development environment. Often, teams will try one tool, such as JIRA, and then want to use more Atlassian tools when they discover just how intuitive and powerful these solutions are.

With the Atlassian tools implemented, a software development team has everything they need to design, build, test and release software in a controlled, manageable environment.

Software Development Life Cycle

Team Collaboration

Service Desk

How Clearvision can help

The Atlassian Tools
Software Development Life Cycle

JIRA Software is the number one software development tool used by agile teams to plan, track and release world-class software. JIRA Software is designed specifically for software teams and provides best-in-class agile tooling, deep developer tool integrations and a focused project experience for your entire software team.

Bamboo is an excellent tool for continuous integration and automated build and testing. It has a comprehensive range of features and integrates closely with JIRA.

Bitbucket is a Git repository management solution designed for professional teams. It provides the tools to encourage collaboration around your source code, the extensibility to ensure it integrates into your workflow, and the ability to massively scale as your team grows.

Atlassian Clover identifies the riskiest code in your projects so you can focus on testing where it’ll have the most impact. It runs in your integrated development environment (IDE) or your continuous integration system (Bamboo), and it includes test optimisation to make your tests run faster and fail more quickly.

Crucible enables you to review code without the hassle normally associated with this part of the development process. Review code, discuss changes, share knowledge and identify defects with Crucible’s flexible review workflow.

Whether you’re coding, debugging, testing, refactoring, or just keeping an eye on the codebase – FishEye puts the info you need where you want it, in JIRA issues, Bamboo builds, email/RSS alerts, OpenSocial Dashboards or your IDE.

Atlassian SourceTree is a powerful Git and Mercurial desktop client for developers using Mac or Windows. Say goodbye to the command line and use the full capabilities of Git and Hg through SourceTree’s beautifully simple interface.

Team Collaboration

Process meet project management – simplify and centralize with JIRA, designed specifically for business teams.

Confluence is one of the leading collaboration tools on the market today, offering an enterprise-class wiki to enable content management, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Atlassian HipChat is a hosted private chat service for your company and teams. Share ideas and files in secure group chat rooms and get your team off AIM, Google Talk, and Skype – HipChat is built for business.

Service Desk

The most collaborative service management solution on the market for IT and customer service teams.

Status and incident communication – keep customers and employees up to date and your team focused on the problem at hand.

With the ability to integrate and consolidate personal, JIRA and external calendars in one easy-to-view and -manage solution, Confluence Team Calendars is an excellent visualisation and management aid.


How Clearvision can help

The Atlassian suite features some powerful software development tools, but because they’re off-the-shelf products, you’ll need someone who understands the tools to ensure they’re integrated and configured correctly. We can work with you to ensure your team utilise the full potential of the Atlassian tool set.

Clearvision not only offers competitive pricing on the licences themselves but a number of other Atlassian services, including:

  • Consultancy: Our KickStart package means you can have your entire Atlassian solution up and running in five days. Alternatively, if you have Atlassian tools already and feel they need fine-tuning, then check out our Atlassian Health Check.
  • Training: We offer a comprehensive range of training courses — online and classroom-based.
  • Support: With support for the entire Atlassian portfolio, as well as Git, we’ve got your tools covered.
  • Migrations: Whether you’re moving to Git, Subversion or JIRA, we an make sure the transition goes smoothly.
  • Branding: If you want your tools to actually look like your tools, then our expert branding services can help.
  • Agile: Let us show you how agile working methodologies can help your teams can become more effective and better able to reach their goals.

We can also offer Atlassian Stack, which is only available through Atlassian Solution Partners. Designed for businesses with between 1,000 and 10,000 users, Atlassian Stacks offers all the Atlassian tools you need in one straightforward package with one simple price. If you’re looking to scale up your operations, it’s the perfect solution.

To find out more, visit or contact us here.

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