Jira Terminology Decoded

Jira Terminology Decoded

Are you new to Jira? Do you find some of the terminology a bit confusing? You’re not alone, this article will explore some keywords to help you gain a better understanding.


Versions and Releases

A release could merely refer to the date, whereas versions indicate actual versions of your software.

It may help to think of a release as a time-box containing multiple versions. These fields could be the same, depending on how your Jira is configured, and then depending on the version you’re on, you may end up with parts of the UI saying both in different places. For most, they should be considered the same thing.

Edit and Configure

In the admin panel, you’ll find two other words that although similar, ultimately differ from each other and those two words are edit and configure.

In the custom field if you click “edit”, you are changing the Description, Field Name, or Search Template. However, if you “configure” a field, it is the field configuration scheme or default value for that custom field that can be changed.

Edit = Rename or describe the Field or Screen.

Configure = Change the options, context, or default values.

It is good to note that this differs where Workflows are concerned, because if you choose to edit a Workflow, it enables you to add, edit or delete transitions and statuses.

Epic Status and Workflow Status

Workflow Status is the state in which your issue is in.

In the Default Jira Workflow, the state could be Open, Closed, In Progress, Resolved, or Reopened. Since an issue can be an Epic, it could have any of these statuses.

An Epic Status is the status of all issues contained within that Epic, aggregated and falls into three options, To Do, In Progress, and Done.

Training for Jira

Some people mistake terminology for an anti-pattern. If you struggle in other areas of Jira and want to learn how to avoid real anti-patterns, check out our latest blog.

If you require help setting up Jira, or would like to evaluate an existing instance to maximise capabilities for your growing organisation, we provide training.


Get in touch with us today to enquire about any of the above.


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