Marketplace Apps for Data Center Edition

Marketplace Apps for Data Center Edition

Discover what Atlassians Marketplace Apps announcement means for you, from Clearvision’s very own, Nigel Budd.

Atlassian Marketplace Apps for Data Center Edition

If you are an existing Data Center Edition customer, you should have received an email telling you that there is a new class of Marketplace App, specifically designed for Atlassian’s high availability platform, now available!

What does this new class of App mean for you?

In order to list a product on the Atlassian Marketplace as a Data Center compatible App, vendors must provide proof that their product works well in that environment. As such, an exhaustive document must be completed, showing evidence of test results to Atlassian, proving successful passing of these tests. Atlassian have provided performance and tons of test tools to vendors for this purpose, as well as to ensure quality. In the past, all that was needed to support Data Center Edition was a tick-box on the Marketplace, and certain Apps did cause some stability issues, as a result of this.

Vendors are likely to start releasing Data Center specific features in the near future, providing Enterprise functionality.

For any Admins reading this, now is the time to go and check the Marketplace Apps you’ve installed - to ensure that any apps you thought were compatible, still are.

The next piece of good news, is that the license user tiers now match Data Center edition tiers, so you can buy 1,000, 2,000 etc, without having to figure out the appropriate server tier needed for your app to be licensed to.

The downside, is that aligning the way Marketplace Apps are licensed, to the way that the Data Center Edition is licensed, means that Marketplace Apps will be based on an annual subscription, from now on. This separate Marketplace class also gives Marketplace Vendors an opportunity to re-evaluate their pricing models for enterprise customers. Portfolio for Jira for example, has been discounted for a year on Data Center Edition, so it’s cheaper to buy than on Server edition. Other vendors have increased their prices.

This means, that these changes will need to be taken into account for your annual budgets. For existing customers, the ‘Server’ pricing model remains in place for a limited amount of time (3rd September 2019).

Need some guidance on all of this? Please get in contact with your Clearvision account manager, they can assist you with any questions you might have.

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