New features from Atlassian

New features from Atlassian

It's the start of the year, and already Atlassian are treating us to new features!

What's new?

In Confluence Server and Data Center 7.3, the following improvements will be introduced:

  • Updates to the Companion app experience for end users and admins.

Atlassian note this as an important feature release, because it includes bug fixes which address customer feedback about the Atlassian Companion application.

  • Administrative enhancements

In addition, Atlassian are introducing new administrative features for Confluence Data Center customers.

Anything else?

In Portfolio for Jira Server and Data Center version 3.18, the following improvements will be made:

  • Filter by label custom fields
  • Filter by radio button custom fields
  • Roll-up dates in plans (early access)

What does this mean exactly?

According to Atlassian, filters allow users to hone in on specific issues for analysis or further inspection/action.

Through the extension of filtering capabilities, users will be able to comb through and isolate data with greater accuracy for the purposes of reporting and or planning.

In an effort to expand data roll-up capabilities, they’re also launching a new roll-up dates feature for early access. This functionality will allow users to surface child issue dates on their parent issues for a more accurate representation of when large bodies of work will be completed by.

That's all for now but remember...

We’re here to update you on the latest news as it becomes available. Watch this space, and don’t forget, if you’re using Atlassian software we provide flexible options and add-ons tailored to the support you need.


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