Pricing Updates to Support Cloud Migrations

Pricing Updates to Support Cloud Migrations

The new rates for Atlassian's loyalty discount will take effect on July 1st, 2021. Read this blog post to get the details.

What is changing?

To ease the transition to Cloud and Data Center, Atlassian introduced loyalty discount rates that change annually according to a predetermined schedule. Customers already taking advantage of the loyalty discount will see a change on their next bill on or after July 1, 2021.

Let’s take a look at the discount policies that will see an impact:

Discount Type Rate on purchases before July 1st Rate on purchases on or after July 1st
Cloud Loyalty Discount 55% (1,001+ Users) 40% (1,001+ Users)
Data Center Loyalty Discount 25% (Up to 1000 users) 40% (1,001+ Users) 15% (Up to 1000 users) 30% (1,001+)

Note: The Data Center loyalty discount varies by product.

Updated Cloud price tiers in anticipation of the 20,000 user tier

Atlassian is reducing prices for 1,001+ user tiers for Jira Software (JSW) Cloud and Confluence Cloud (Standard, Premium, and Enterprise) plans, effective July 1, 2021, in preparation for the launch of 10,001-20,000 user tiers. Customers with 1001+ users for Confluence Cloud or Jira Software Cloud will see a price reduction on their next bill on or after July 1, 2021.

10,001-20,000 User tiers for Jira Software Cloud and Confluence Cloud

With the general availability of the new 20k user tier limit, Atlassian is introducing new pricing tiers for those wanting to set up 10,001-20,000 users on a single product instance. This will make it easier for enterprise teams to use and scale with Atlassian products. Also, customers who purchased multiple instances due to the 10,000 user limit can now consolidate up to 20,000 users on one instance.

Why is Atlassian introducing these changes?


The Cloud loyalty discount is a 3-year ramped pricing program (55%, 40%, 20%), intended to help Atlassian’s largest customers transition from Server/Data Center to Cloud. The loyalty program makes it painless for existing on-prem users to realise the benefits of moving to Cloud.

Updated Cloud price tiers in anticipation of the 20k user tier

As Atlassian evolves its support for larger customers, Cloud offerings must remain accessible, which is why there will be a reduction in the cost of Cloud user tiers 1k+ for JSW and Confluence.

20k User tier for JSW and Confluence Cloud

Atlassian masterminds have been working tirelessly to ensure Cloud offerings meet the needs of larger enterprise customers, especially with regards to scale. Earlier in the year, unlimited instances to unblock some of the largest (>10,000 users) from moving to Cloud were introduced. Cloud products currently support up to 10k users per instance, and Atlassian is offering additional scale, with support for 20k users/instances. On a single instance of Jira Software and Confluence, Atlassian will offer up to 35,000 users via the Early Access Program (EAP) — expected later in the year.

It is important to note that updated Cloud price tiers (reduced for 1,001+ user tiers for JSW Cloud and Confluence Cloud), will not impact customers on advantaged pricing.


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