Say hello to Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Cloud Premium

Say hello to Advanced Roadmaps in Jira Software Cloud Premium

The major refresh is set to help users of Advanced Roadmaps deliver products faster through smarter planning.


Take planning to the next level with Advanced Roadmaps

Features include

Multi-team and organisation-level roadmapping: Build roadmaps based on as many Jira boards, projects, and filters as required. Advanced Roadmaps can be used by single teams, and for larger projects too. Users can create additional levels of hierarchy above the Epic level, and map epics from a dozen different teams or Jira projects to a single feature.

Multi-team and organisation-level dependency tracking: Track and visualise dependencies across all work in the roadmap and account for any issues including major blockers that could impact the business as a whole.

Multiple scenario planning: Expand options by building different versions of a plan, and prepare for best and worst-case scenarios.

Capacity planning: Gain oversight on whether a reduction in the project scope is necessary, or whether resources need to be reallocated, or if deadlines need to be changed. This feature allows teams to see if they’re taking on too much work in a specific sprint or whether they can potentially take on more.

Communication at all levels: An executive team may want a high-level overview whereas another team may only need to see epics and stories. Share a live version of the roadmap tailored to a specific audience.

Important to note

  • Portfolio for Jira Cloud is no longer available in the Atlassian Marketplace as a standalone offer.
  • On May 13th, pre-existing users on a monthly subscription were moved to a 6-month extended trial of Cloud Premium.
  • Pre-existing customers on an annual subscription were moved to an extended trial of Cloud Premium for 6 months, or for the duration of their billing term.
  • All users have the ability to opt-out of the Premium trial at any time. However, they must do so before the trial ends to avoid being billed for Jira Software Cloud Premium.
  • Jira Software Cloud Premium users will no longer be billed for Portfolio for Jira Cloud, only for Jira Software Cloud Premium.

Try it for yourself

Atlassian is offering a free 1 month trial of Jira Software Premium to existing users of Jira Software Cloud. Click here for more.

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