UK Productivity Crisis? Our Top Three Software Solutions

UK Productivity Crisis? Our Top Three Software Solutions

Authored by Gerry Tombs, MD of Clearvision - experts in Atlassian solutions

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As a nation that prides itself on hard work, Brits have fallen behind when it comes to productivity. The Financial Times¹ reports that since the 2016 Brexit referendum, UK productivity levels have fallen lower than that of any other country in Europe. Can advances in software and information technology improve the situation?

During the 1990s, the UK fell behind the US and Germany on productivity rates, but output rose again in 2006. However, since the financial crash productivity has been on the decline. Despite UK wages growing at 2.8%* in 2018, the highest rise since 2015, this had no impact on output – so what will?

If the problem lies in how we communicate and manage, how can we better implement the tech and software available?

Business owners and HR managers need to ask themselves – am I managing my team effectively? Finding ways to work smarter not harder will be the way forward. Millennials in particular are looking for more ‘life satisfaction’ at work, and they are open to time-saving tech solutions, so this presents a huge opportunity for change.

The average employee checks their emails 36 times an hour² – a huge distraction from planned work. So it’s no surprise that iDoneThis reported that 41% of to-do list items are never completed and only 15% of tasks completed in one day were from the original ‘to-do list’.

A recent report showed that 53% say excessive email gets in the way of work:
55% believe that emails relay information that would be better conveyed in a conversation
And more than half really hate these pet peeves: lengthy threads, getting copied on messages that aren’t relevant and when someone ‘replies all’ to an email

Productivity percentage
Productivity email

In the UK, we could potentially unlock £130bn with improved productivity. Any business not open to these changes will fall behind in its workforce management, and struggle to compete in increasingly tough marketplaces.

Here at Clearvision we have been exploring ways to connect software, like the Atlassian products we license and train companies on. Since converting our marketing team to Agile practices, all managed in Jira and Confluence, we have delivered major efficiencies – more marketing activities with lower overheads.

In 2016 we enabled our HR and recruitment teams with our collaborative platform. The difference is outstanding, candidates frequently comment on the efficiency of our recruitment and onboarding.

Productivity blog loss

Are there better ways to work? Here’s our top three software solutions:


  • Messaging platform, meant for collaboration between project teams
  • Stride allows messaging without immediate distraction – 250K hours spent in ‘Focus Mode’³ by users (no notifications etc)
  • Messaging groups for collaboration between colleagues
  • Video calls enabled for overseas meetings
  • Screen sharing, task allocations, file sharing


  • Capture, store, and grow your team’s knowledge so you can stay up to date and on the same page
  • Create, share and collaborate on projects in one place, keep projects moving forward faster
  • All the knowledge in one place, where you need it
  • Crucial for transparency
  • Review drafts, track changes and structure, answer questions and build a knowledge base together


  • Confluence based social intranet that connects people and ideas
  • Communications hub
  • Facilitates real time collaboration
  • Drives idea sharing and innovation by giving teams the power to create, share and manage content, in one place

For further information, please contact Jane or Kirsty on 01625 528115
or email

Notes to editors:


Clearvision is a software services company and an enterprise-certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. Formed in 2005, Clearvision counts Aer Lingus, RBS, Vodafone, P&G and Tinder amongst its customers.

In addition to its software development support and services, Clearvision also offers training and consultancy. It facilitates organisations with the DevOps process, working collaboratively and taking their technology to the cloud.

Clearvision is also home to ClearHub – an online marketplace for clients to find long-term self-employed Atlassian skilled contractors – created to counter the tech skills shortage.

Clearvision’s Managing Director, Gerry Tombs, is available for interviews and can provide comment on a range of topics.

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