What’s New In The Latest Version Of Atlassian Bamboo?

Atlassian has released its latest update for Bamboo: version 6.0. Here’s a round-up of the new features


Configuration As Code

In Bamboo 6.0, you can now store your build plan configuration as code. This offers easier automation, change tracking, validation and more. By storing the configuration of your Bamboo plans as source code, you gain greater control over various actions and features in comparison to the web UI.

You can learn more about the advantages of configuration as code here and by watching the video below:

Support For Pull Requests

As of version 6.0, you can use pull requests as triggers for the creation of plan branches. That means that when a pull request is made, a plan branch will automatically be created.

Bamboo Pull Requests

Pull Requests In The Branch Status Page

More information is always good, and in the latest edition of Bamboo, the branch status page has been expanded. A new section has been added, which shows pull requests for the selected VCS branch.

Branch Status

Fastlane And Xcode Support

The addition of Fastlane support means you can now run Fastlane processes in Bamboo agents. XCode, meanwhile, is now officially supported, and Atlassian will be bundling it with Bamboo in future.

SQL Server JDBC Driver Update

SQL Server jTDS has been replaced by the official Microsoft JDBC driver. If you need help with transitioning from one to the other, you should check out the advice here.

New In Bamboo

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