Why Cloud is the future and how ClearHub can help

Atlassian Cloud has been the direction for a while. In this post, we explore why and how ClearHub is helping teams transition.

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In this age, every business is a software company, regardless of what they sell. As such, IT leaders are being urged to step up and establish shared priorities and responsibilities with department heads for efficiency and growth. For Atlassian users, this means embracing Cloud.

In recent years, Atlassian leaders have headed a Cloud-first approach and actions such as the end of the Server edition of products have accelerated the push, changing the question for customers from should we migrate to the Cloud to how soon can we move?

What’s the fascination with Cloud?

The way people share data and information has evolved over the years thanks to Cloud computing. As a forward-thinking organisation, Atlassian embraced this change and improved its products with Cloud editions. Since then, its Cloud offering has improved vastly, with efforts going into the performance and features of products.

Today, customers benefit from a host of functionalities, including the ability to invite users on sign-up, cost savings of physical hardware, maintenance, installation, support, and admin, as well as enhanced security features when accessing work from different browsers. Teams benefit from security and compliance with real-time updates and rigorous practices to track and protect data and can scale with confidence, knowing they’ll get immediate responses to dynamic spikes in demand and growth.

A survey conducted by Atlassian of its clients showed that 84% of CTOs experienced the peace of mind and benefited from much of the above in fewer than 6 months after migrating to Atlassian Cloud.

All of these efforts prove that Atlassian wants businesses to get the most out of their investment in the software; Cloud enables users to do this, which is why there has been such an emphasis on migrating.

How ClearHub can help

ClearHub is a technical contractor supplier with a team dedicated to providing businesses with specialists to fill their skills gaps. One of its unique selling points is that customers get a risk-free guarantee, meaning if ClearHub places someone who is not the right fit, the business gets a replacement contractor free of charge, with no questions asked. Every measure goes into assuring this doesn’t happen, as ClearHub takes into account the dynamics of the hiring business to ensure a suitable cultural fit.

As an Atlassian contractor supplier with years of experience in helping businesses with their use of Atlassian products, ClearHub has been a go-to for Cloud migrations recently.

Being a Clearvision-owned company, ClearHub benefits from something a lot of other contractor specialists don’t have, and that’s the backed support of an award-winning Atlassian Double Platinum Solution Partner.

In addition to providing support, Clearvision (now part of Eficode) vets, tests, and verifies ClearHub contractors to ensure hiring businesses get the best talent. Clearvision has been around for over 20 years, providing training, consultancy, support, and other services to help Atlassian users. ClearHub’s dealings with Cloud migrations have involved Clearvision’s assistance in best practice training and ensuring the successful planning, preparation, and execution of Cloud migration strategies. Whilst Clearvision takes care of all this, ClearHub experts focus on sourcing the right talent to perform and support data migrations.

Between Clearvision and the dedicated project expert sourced by ClearHub, teams can work at ease knowing the migration path is secure, and that all testing has been completed, and any threat of downtime minimised.

Ready to embrace Cloud?

A business that does not embrace change is surely set to fail. Cloud adoption helps teams adapt to change, which is why migrating is an important, strategic decision for businesses to make.

You might be wondering how or where to start due to your current infrastructure, in-house resources, or the threat of downtime to your mission-critical tools, but fear not. Reduced disruption is one of the main reasons teams come to ClearHub for their migration needs.

You’re definitely in the right place to begin your Cloud journey. The next step is deciding on the right business to reach your destination.

Wherever your research takes you, keep ClearHub in mind. Remember, we’re here to guide you through every stage of your Cloud journey and help minimise downtime and disruption so that you can relax and reap the benefits of your migration. Click here to get in touch with a ClearHub expert today.

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