Why Testing Matters To Atlassian Contractors And Businesses Alike

Why Testing Matters To Atlassian Contractors And Businesses Alike

Hiring an Atlassian contractor who has not been technically tested is like playing a game of Russian roulette. In this post, we explore why it’s so important.


Technical testing is fast becoming the new norm in the world of IT; if you’re a contractor you shouldn’t be afraid of it and if you’re a hiring business you ought to keep it front of mind when searching for a candidate.

For the contractor, it means showcasing their talent which can improve their chances of securing work in the future. For the hiring business, it provides assurance — a win-win situation.

What does technical testing involve?

Technical testing varies according to the supplier, but speaking from a ClearHub perspective, it looks a little something like this…

First, a call with the selected contractor is set up by a technical consultant from award-winning Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision. Through scenario-based questions, the consultant assesses their proficiency in tools such as Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket and so on.

The process includes an evaluation of both their written and verbal skills to ensure they can communicate effectively with others, and on completion of each section, the contractor is given a score out of ten.

For cultural purposes, a Clarity4D questionnaire is also used to assess their compatibility with the team. We deem this necessary, as it’s not enough to simply have someone on board to fulfil the duties of the role. If they are able to build a strong relationship with their teammates, it adds value to the experience for everyone.

Why many Atlassian contractors PREFER to be technically tested?

The obvious answer is that it helps them land contracts, but in reality, it’s a little deeper than that.

It might surprise you to know that a lot of contractors actually prefer to be tested! It highlights room for improvement and also gives them the opportunity to showcase their skills, as opposed to being judged on other aspects highlighted through more traditional hiring methods like interviews.

Unlike an interview, technical testing is free of inherent bias which refers to the effect of underlying factors and assumptions that skew viewpoints of a subject under discussion. The right technical testing, reveals the person with the best skillset, not the one who’s better at promoting themselves (we have more than enough of that in the world today). As best-selling novelist Nancy Jo Sales nicely put it:

We’re so very focused on ourselves and on self-promotion. It goes on all day with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

To conclude, a standardised and measured technical test can provide a fair and quantitative assessment of a contractor and can even be described as a fast-track for recruitment efforts, allowing workers to be carefully cherry-picked by organisations.

Why choose ClearHub for your Atlassian and IT-related needs?


Testing represents a major investment of time and effort which is why we save businesses the trouble.

A lot of employers choose ClearHub because they get an added layer of protection with their hire in the form of a risk-free guarantee and support.

The ClearHub guarantee and additional support

In the unlikely event that a contractor is not suited to a particular role, the business in question will receive a replacement contractor free of charge.

The added layer of support comes in the form of assistance from Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, Clearvision. Clearvision is home to expert consultants who provide back up for contractors AND the team they are working with while on assignment. This is not only good news for the contractor who can relax knowing that they have a team of experts behind them, but for the hiring business as it enables them to concentrate on pressing tasks rather than having to worry about providing support to a new hire. Essentially, they get to take advantage of support for an entire team for the price of one individual.

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