Clearvision hits the right note for Music Choice

  • Music Choice departments wanted to achieve better communication and collaboration across the company.
  • The account manager and Music Choice worked closely together to decide on the best course of action for the company and agreed on a Confluence and Jira implementation.
  • The training from Clearvision was very valuable for the team as it saved weeks to on board team, process workflows were established and are being streamlined, multiple templates were created for the team additionally projects and guidelines were created for project reviews in Confluence.
  • The Atlassian tools suite allowed the users, developers, and test teams to work side by side during their project phases with complete visibility into each other’s tasks.

About Music Choice

Music Choice is an American company that programs music and produces music-related content for digital cable television, mobile phone and cable modem users in the United States. Music Choice programs 75 audio music channels and 25 video channels for digital cable subscribers, as well as programing and producing music-related content for customers with access to Music Choice On-Demand and Music Choice also offers video and audio music programming for mobile devices through the Music Choice App for iOS and Android. Music Choice’s interactive music video network, SWRV, was started in February 2010 and rebranded in 2013 to Music Choice Play.

Music Choice's Challenge

Music Choice’s engineering department was using a wide range of different unlinked applications and tools to support their SDLC process:

• Task planning (Pivotal Tracker / Axosoft)
• Documentation creation and setup (Clearspace)
• Defect tracking (Axosoft)
• Project communication and status reporting (Excel, Word, email)
• Project management (None – mix of many of the above)
• Resource management (10000ft., Excel)

Their objective was to consolidate their tools to allow them to plan, collaborate and service in one suite. Atlassian offered an integrated suite of products from document collaboration (wiki) to bug tracking with test case management and Music Choice chose Clearvision to work with.

Clearvision Solution

Clearvision provided Jira and Confluence experience:

• System demo
• Jira Mentoring
• Confluence Mentoring
• Jira / Confluence implementation recommendations
• Data Migration assistance
• Training planning
• Implementation planning

“The training was very successful and beneficial. At this time, we are fully up and running. I can say that our experience with Clearvision has been excellent. The personnel that has assisted us has been very helpful.”

– Michael McCrackan, Vice President Engineering and Operations