Find out how Teranet has transformed the way its teams work

  • Our Git consultants worked with Teranet to migrate from ClearCase to Git, achieving remarkable benefits. Download the case study to learn more
  • The migration was rolled out gradually across the organization with each team moving to the new infrastructure between application releases
  • Teranet successfully adopted Open Source, Git DVCS and Gerrit Code Review tools
  • Clearvision provided Git, Gerrit and Jira training support

About Teranet

Teranet is an international leader and pioneer in electronic land registration systems and commerce. In Ontario, Teranet is the exclusive provider of online property search and registration. Teranet developed, owns and operates the Ontario Electronic Land Registration System, enabling customers to perform searches, transfer title documents through our search and registration capabilities, and perform many other functions in what is widely recognized as one of the world’s most advanced, secure, and sophisticated land registry systems.

Teranet's Challenge

Teranet relies heavily on the skills of almost 100 code developers. Essential to its success is the work of a software development lifecycle tools team, which is responsible for maintaining the infrastructure that supports product development in the company. This historically included an IBM Rational ClearCase software configuration management solution for source code version control, workspace management, parallel development support and build auditing. In 2010, however, the system was failing to live up to expectations.

“What we found was that ClearCase was very maintenance intensive, It was a prehistoric product and we wanted something that would fit in nicely with the other tools we were using ” says Steve Brackenbury, Senior Systems Architect at Teranet.

Clearvision Solution

Teranet decided, after a trial period using Git, that they were to migrate to Git. As a Git migration expert, with specific expertise in migrating from legacy tools like ClearCase, Clearvision was the obvious choice for a partner. 

“We needed to know that we had a good, solid plan that would work. This is where Clearvision really excelled.”

– Steve Brackenbury, Senior Systems Architect