Westgate Hall

Clearvision implements Jira Service Management for a first-time remote team at Westgate Hall Community Trust.

  • Solution Architect and Atlassian Expert Gary Blower implemented Jira Service Management for the team at Westgate Hall Community Trust.
  • Jira Service Management replaced outdated manual processes as the team adjusted to remote-working for the first time.
  • Westgate Hall has increased business, with prospects finding the system easier to book on.
  • Clearvision manages the account and community licensing for Westgate Hall Community Trust.
  • The team is exploring training to expand their use of the application.

About Westgate Hall Community Trust

Westgate Hall is a vibrant community venue located in Canterbury, Kent. It hosts everything from markets, fairs, festivals, city council meetings, performances, training, celebrations, commemorations, parties and weddings to community, education, business, and health and wellbeing events.

The Challenge

When remote working became a legal requirement in the UK, the team at Westgate Hall needed a way to communicate with their customers and with each other effectively.

  • The team was downsized.
  • They needed to adjust quickly to remote working.
  • Previous communication methods and tools were taking too much time to manage.
  • Customers were experiencing delays in response times.

The Solution

Solution Architect and Atlassian expert, Gary Blower, evaluated the existing processes and workflow used by the team at Westgate Hall. He assessed what needed to be achieved and explained how Jira Service Management could help.

The team piloted the product for six months for event bookings, and on seeing improvements to their processes, they decided to launch Jira Service Management as their primary booking system.

Clearvision manages the account and community licensing for Westgate Hall and is assisting the team with further training.

“Jira Service Management has completely transformed the way we operate. It seems complex, but it is so user-friendly compared to the booking systems I’ve used in the past.” – Westgate Hall CEO, Clare Millett