Jira Work Management 101

Jira Work Management 101 presented by Atlassian expert and Solution Architect Gary Blower.

In this webinar, discover Jira Work Management for Cloud — the simple way to interact with Jira.

Cut the complexities and visualise and plan business projects with ease.

Covered in this webinar:

  • A demo of the platform.
  • Product features, e.g. the new calendar view of work items, a roadmap to visualise the sequence of actions, Kanban board, customisations with the option to colour code projects.
  • What’s to come, i.e. reviews, approvals, and improvements to reporting.
  • Crucial info on compatible apps, how to use the workflows, forms, summary view, and statistics for an overview of ticket creation, plus more!

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Our speaker

Gary Blower

Solution Architect

Gary’s breadth of technical knowledge and experience combined with his pragmatic leadership skills and strategic thinking has made him a notable figure in the world of software. He specialises in technology adoption, enterprise Service Management, and software quality assurance, including the software lifecycle, software configuration management, and software and application security testing.