Mendix Life with Low-Code

Watch our brand new webinar, led by Clearvision CEO Gerald Tombs, as he talks to organisations who have embarked on the low-code journey.

Due to the continuous evolution of Atlassian products, some of our webinars may contain old information. If you notice this, let us know, and we will do our best to update the content.

Life with Low-code webinar

Increase software development productivity tenfold

In this webinar series you’ll discover:

  • How to implement low-code ensuring ROI 
  • Real-life examples and what CEOs would have done differently
  • Why low-code can’t be ignored and should be in your toolbox

Watch now to shorten your time-to-market, achieve better alignment between IT and the business and start working more efficiently!

Our speakers



Chairman/CEO - KRVE Rotterdam Boatmen

Erik De Neef started his career as a boatman at the age of sixteen, was treasurer on the board of the Royal Boatmen’s Association (KRVE) for ten years and has been chairman since 2015. He also had an interest in the financial sector and studied Business Economics. Today, KRVE has an ultra-modern fleet of about 60 vessels based in Rotterdam harbours, and provides nautical services related to the mooring and unmooring of ships, the transport of maritime pilots and other offshore activities.



Domain Architect - Enexis

Rom is the Domain Architect for bespoke software creation using the Mendix low-code platform within Enexis. As the architect of a team of twenty five people, he is responsible for the design and governance of multiple concurrent projects. With almost ten years of experience, he has recognised the need to implement proven software development processes, and guides his team to continuously improve the way they work.

Gerry Tombs


CEO - Clearvision

Gerald Tombs is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearvision, and has been a pioneer in the software industry for 30 years. Having spent much of his early career as an IBM consultant, working with some of the largest blue chip companies in the world; Gerald is a problem solver who enjoys searching for the most efficient solution to any challenge. He started Clearvision in 2005 and it has gone on to grow significantly, becoming one of the first Atlassian Platinum Experts.



CEO - Liftinsight

Alderik Bos is CEO at Liftinsight and on a mission to change the lift maintenance market by making every elevator a connected elevator. Alderik is an experienced entrepreneur with in-depth knowledge of the elevator market specifically, and the proptech industry in general. He is Chairman of the Dutch Association for Elevators and Escalators (VLR) Technical Committee and member of the European Lift Association (ELA) Digitization and Cybersecurity committee.

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