Opsgenie in the Real World

Download and watch our latest webinar. There’s never been a better time to discuss the features and value that Opsgenie can bring to your organisation.

Due to the continuous evolution of Atlassian products, some of our webinars may contain old information. If you notice this, let us know, and we will do our best to update the content.

Opsgenie Webinar

Opsgenie in the real world, a webinar for all

We’ve been using Opsgenie for years — before the Atlassian acquisition. In this webinar, we discuss the features and value it brings to organizations, as well as why we chose it as a solution, and the journey that followed.

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Our speakers

Support for Server

Jake Churcher

IT Services and Operations Manager - Clearvision


Matt Muschol

Chief Technology Officer - Clearvision

Paul Renshaw

Paul Renshaw

Chief Revenue Officer - Clearvision


Mert Ünsal

Solution Engineer - Opsgenie


Tolga Özgentürk

Enterprise Advocate - Atlassian

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