A Guide to Agile and Lean and how organisations can become both

White Paper


A Guide to Agile and Lean and how organisations can become both

Agile And Lean


Gain a solid understanding of the differences between lean and agile

This white paper aims to help IT professionals better understand agile and lean concepts, providing a framework for initiating real change within organisations.

Covered in this whitepaper:

  • Introduction
  • The Evolution Of Agile And Lean
  • Understanding The Differences Between Lean And Agile
  • Why Implementing A Set Of Practices Doesn’t Make You Agile
  • Building An Agile-Lean Transformation Initiative
  • Conclusion

Gain insight into the Blended Agile Toolkit (BAD Toolkit), a business responsible for providing organisations with a powerful agile framework. Plus, learn about the solutions offered by Clearvision through their expertise, support and more


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