An interview with an Atlassian Expert on Demand

An interview with an Atlassian Expert on Demand

We interviewed Solution Architect, Gary Blower, to find out what it’s like to work in the Atlassian Experts on Demand team at Clearvision.

Expert on Demand

Firstly, what is the Experts on Demand service?

“Experts on Demand (EOD) is a team of certified Atlassian experts available as a cost-effective subscription service for businesses looking for regular coaching, mentoring, and advice to support their use of Atlassian tools. Customers like it for the flexibility and peace of mind they get knowing they have a specialist at their service.”

Where did the idea come from?

“Clearvision had a lot of clients asking for coaching and mentoring sessions, and the time it took to process the commercial paperwork for each request was lengthy. Because of this, an idea struck to offer a service where clients could sign up to have regular access to a certified Atlassian consultant without needing to agree to commercial terms every time they requested help.”

Are subscriptions new to Clearvision?

“No, we already offer cloud hosting and technical support subscriptions. Experts on Demand is yet another option for customers, particularly for those in need of regular assistance with their Atlassian products.”

How many experts are in the team?

“We have a team of ten certified Atlassian experts in the UK and US, plus a backroom team who help manage the service and provide a contact point for our customers.”

ClearHub – contractors to help your team work

How do you decide on the right expert for a specific job?

“We have a combination of general and specialists who cover more than 35 different products within the Atlassian ecosystem. Our backroom team matches specialists according to the needs of customers.”

Are there common themes amongst those seeking the Experts on Demand service?

“Yes, several. At Clearvision, we see teams of all kinds seeking cost-effective ways of obtaining frequent and ongoing coaching, mentoring, and best practice advice. These include organisations too lean or small to employ an Atlassian expert full-time, teams following agile practices that want ongoing help, businesses expanding the use of Jira into Service Management that require support to improve ITIL best practices, and teams that have purchased Clearvision professional services for implementations and or training that want regular assistance.”

Any success stories you can share?

“We’ve been able to resolve several unique challenges for clients who’ve subscribed to the Experts on Demand service, one such case involved the tracking and managing of security assets to ensure they could be traced and logged. Other examples include Atlassian specialists leading focussed half-day prototyping workshops and mentoring to identify problems and apply a tailored solution.”

You can learn more about Experts on Demand here or by downloading the FAQ guide below. Got more questions for Gary? Click on the ‘get in touch’ button at the bottom of this post to reach out.


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