Atlassian Cloud migration trial – limited time offer

Get started on your Atlassian Cloud journey with this limited time offer (12-months free) when activating your trial, Feb 15th-May 15th, 2022!

Cloud free trial

Not yet migrated to Atlassian Cloud? Good news – you still have a full year to explore and enjoy Cloud features, build a proof of concept, and prepare for your migration – free!

Atlassian Server and Data Center customers

If you are a Server or Data Center user with 60+ days of active maintenance left on your license, we are pleased to share that you will receive 12-months free in the Cloud! To take advantage of this offer, simply claim your Cloud migration trial between 15 Feb 2022 – 15 May 2022.

Despite there being just two years remaining to migrate to Cloud, many are yet to engage and discuss their path or even show an intent to migrate! The Cloud migration trials are here to support you in your journey and to encourage you to explore Cloud features, build a proof of concept, and test your migration at your own pace.

Please note: This is a limited-time deal, meaning Atlassian will not offer a 12-month free Cloud migration trial after May 15, 2022.

Atlassian Cloud migration trials - key considerations

  • Cloud migration trials are associated with an existing Support Entitlement Number (SEN); each SEN is eligible for one Cloud migration trial.
  • Trials will match the current user tier, up to a maximum of 20,000 users.
  • You can take advantage of this offer, regardless of how much maintenance is left on your self-managed licensing.
  • If you own a Commercial or Academic Server or Data Center license with 11+ users, you are eligible for the Cloud migration trial.
  • Starter tier (10 users or fewer) and Community license holders are not eligible at this time.
  • Customers with 10 users/3 agents or less are encouraged to explore Atlassian’s free Cloud plans when migrating.
  • If you have fewer than 60 days remaining on your Server maintenance or Data Center subscription, or if your maintenance has expired, you can still get a free 60-day Cloud trial.
  • Atlassian will not manually extend trial lengths to offer the promotion if you activate your trial outside of the eligible period (Feb 15 – May 15 2022).
  • This promotion does not apply to free trials for Marketplace apps.
  • Bitbucket Cloud offers a free pricing plan, which you can use to explore Cloud features and prepare for your migration.

Please note: If you are actively migrating to Cloud and want to run your Server and Cloud in production together, you can sign up to dual licensing (buy Cloud get a free Server/Data Center renewal) if buying above 1001 users.

Eligible Atlassian Server and Data Center products

  • Jira Software Server/Data Center.
  • Jira Service Management Server/Data Center.
  • Jira Work Management (Standard only) Server.
  • Confluence Server/Data Center.

Activating your Atlassian Cloud migration trial

If you require more information on migrating to Atlassian Cloud, contact our team of experts. We can explain how the Cloud migration trials work, the duration, and assist if your migration is a lower near-term priority due to a lack of resources, for example.

This is your time to use and explore features, build a proof of concept, and to test your Cloud migration!

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