Atlassian Marketplace Partner Program Replaces Top Vendor Program

Atlassian’s Top Vendor Program has been replaced by the Marketplace Partner Program, with three tiers to recognise partners for their alignment with Atlassian’s strategy.

Atlassian Marketplace

Three levels make up Atlassian’s Marketplace Partner Program — Platinum, Gold, and Silver, and these work to recognise each partner’s individual investment in the platform.

According to Atlassian, Platinum, Gold, and Silver Marketplace Partners have met enhanced requirements for the following:

Cloud and Data Center: Marketplace Partners are investing in cloud and already have Data Center Approved versions of their high-traction server applications.

Security: The growing need for security has seen partners improve practices by participating in Marketplace security programs. As such, a new Cloud Security Participant badge will be given to participating cloud apps on the Marketplace, making them stand out to customers.

The New Cloud Security Participant Badge

The new Cloud Security Participant badge will evolve over time to include industry-standard security assessments and more rigorous testing, but for now, it works to identify apps that have undergone additional measures.

This includes cloud apps enrolled in the Marketplace Bug Bounty Program — a first of its kind that enables ecosystem partners to crowdsource the discovery of vulnerabilities through a pool of talented researchers.

From Vendor To Partner

The positive impact that apps and partners have had on the lives of Atlassian customers is the main reason behind the change from Vendor to Partner. Atlassian sought to reward those most aligned with their objectives.

Through the creation of apps, partners have enabled users to work in unique ways to fulfil a variety of needs and use cases with Atlassian stating, “Marketplace Partners are a key reason why many of our customers have become and remain passionate champions of Atlassian.”

A Brief History

Back in 2012, Atlassian sought to provide new use cases for products, which led to the launch of Marketplace.

Two years later, the Atlassian Verified/Top Vendor Program was introduced to formalise the benefits and showcase high-traction partners.

Initially, there were just a handful of developers building applications on the Atlassian platform, but this soon grew to 1,000 partners using it to build businesses.

Over time and naturally, customer requirements and expectations for cloud, Data Center, and security evolved, leading to the redesign of the partner program to incentivise cloud and Data Center app development with high-level security practices.

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