Carrying support over from Server to Atlassian Cloud

Carrying support over from Server to Atlassian Cloud

The Server edition of Atlassian products might be ending, but the support you receive for your tools need not.


Last year, Atlassian revealed the breaking news that the Server edition of its products was ending. The update came with Atlassian propelling a Cloud-first approach, which led to a large portion of existing customers switching to or enquiring about Cloud. The figures speak for themselves in terms of uptake, with 90% of new customers choosing Cloud.

Regardless of whether you’re in the consideration phase or you’ve already made the move, it’s important to consider support for your tools.

Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

We’ve been helping customers move to Cloud environments for over a decade. Even before the end of the Server edition was announced, we’d handled several Server Cloud migrations for a variety of reasons, e.g. teams spending too much time and man-hours upgrading Jira Server instances. To put it into perspective, over the years, our fully certified consultants have migrated over 350 customer instances to Atlassian Cloud and our own hosted environment, ClearHost.

The key reasons customers come to us to migrate their data is because we:

  • Minimise data loss, downtime, and disruption.
  • Keep customers within scope, i.e. time and budget.
  • Provide same-day deployments, allowing teams to work and invite other members within hours.
  • Provide peace of mind with security-cleared staff.
  • Allow teams to scale with confidence.

It’s true that a Cloud subscription indeed permits access to Atlassian’s support channels, but there is a distinction between vendor-backed support and the personal service you get from an expert provider like Clearvision.


Technical Customer Success Manager, Jake Churcher.

“It’s the personal touch that is remembered.”

The right support will depend on the unique requirements of your business, but the fact of the matter is that the built-in option available with license purchase/renewals for Cloud subscriptions is usually insufficient. This tends to make other options more appealing to Atlassian users. Nonetheless, it is hard choosing between Atlassian Priority, Premier, and Clearvision’s Support, which is why we created this comparison white paper to help. It’s free to download and will save you a lot of time browsing.

If you’d prefer to talk to us directly, simply fill out the form by clicking on the ‘get in touch’ button below.


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