How to Maintain Business as Usual Amid Coronavirus Crisis

How to Maintain Business as Usual Amid Coronavirus Crisis

Read this post to learn more about collaboration tools, and how they are enabling teams to carry on despite disruption caused by the outbreak.

Major events around the world have been cancelled or turned into virtual experiences as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak including Atlassian Summit. Travel between certain countries has been stopped, and many businesses are now encouraging their employees to work from home as a safety precaution.

All of these factors are having an impact on communities and organizations everywhere as they scramble to prevent the virus from spreading further.

People are stocking up on household items in case they are forced to go into isolation, and businesses are encouraging staff to take equipment like laptops and tablets home with them.

Unsurprisingly, there’s been a surge in collaboration software with people wanting to get back to their projects without being affected by limitations associated with working remotely.

It’s important to get support for your applications from the experts.

If you’re using the Atlassian Stack we can help by providing:

  • A Discovery Workshop to understand your requirements and perform a health check on existing apps
  • Consultants to help implement individual tools like Jira and Confluence, who will also kick-start your environment for immediate use
  • Hosting for your mission-critical tools in a safe and secure environment
  • Training to ensure you get the most out of the Atlassian Stack
  • Ongoing Support

We’re here to help, contact us now for more information on collaboration tools and solutions to help with remote working.


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