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The Complete Service Desk Solution

"Clearvision is an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and a Platinum Member of the Service Desk Institute. " - David Morgan, Clearvision Service Desk Solutions Manager

Jira Service Desk (JSD) is a simple to use, simple to set-up & configure, low cost Service Desk solution. It’s ease of use and low maintenance will satisfy the vast majority of companies, no matter how big or small. This makes Jira Service Desk far more appealing than the more traditional ITSM tools and better demonstrates the ITSM concept of adding value to the IT Services that you deliver to your business. It has now been developed to incorporate the key ITIL processes. It can be configured to suit your business needs using most of these best practices, such as Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Request Fulfillment.

Many other helpful ITIL processes can be configured using other Atlassian Market Place Applications such as Riada Insight, which is used for Configuration Management. This Makes Jira Service Desk acceptable to most companies looking to use ITIL Best Practices – It is also Pink Verified and accepted as the up-and-coming the ITSM solution to have, so there’s no reason not to adopt the change!

Jira Service Desk is one of the most collaborative Service Management solutions on the market, that IT and DevOps teams actually like to use. Built on Atlassian’s Jira, the market leader in helping teams get work done, Jira Service Desk delivers an effortless service experience, adapts to your needs, and promises set-up time and pricing at a fraction of other ITSM Tools.

But Jira Service Desk is adaptable, it’s not just a tool for the exclusive use of IT Departments. It’s flexibility, enables it to be configured for use as Customer Services Tool that can be used by all departments whether it is for internal or external customers. This makes Jira Service Desk a truly ideal Enterprise Service Management Tool (ESM).

It has an easy to use web portal for your customers to raise tickets, ensuring work gets done without worry from those following the progress. Email integration can also be easily set up and Jira Service Desk has an API that can handle many other application integrations

At Clearvision, we recognise that the need to setup and configure your Service Desk correctly from the outset is paramount to being able to deliver high quality service, that adds value to the services being delivered to both your business and that of your customers. So guess what…. That’s why we have tailored a ready-made solution that brings together best practices, additional applications and services. As well Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk, the Clearvision JSD Solution offers the following:

  • A Business Simulation Service that introduces your team to Service Management best practices
  • Atlassian’s Confluence as both a Knowledge Base and a Wiki
  • A comprehensive Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to manage your Assets
  • Canned Responses for sending-out standard templates responses to your customers
  • Jira Enterprise Mail Handler for complex email routing requirements
  • Plus, any other additional applications as suggested by our highly experienced Technical Consultants

Our suggested program for JSD implementation is 

  • An ITSM Simulation session, where all stakeholders can work through the benefits of using ITSM best practices. A follow-up session will often benefit the project by highlighting many aspects that are necessary during the scoping phase
  • A Scoping exercise to understand and plan how the Service Desk solution should be setup & configured
  • A Proof of Concept (PoC), where ideas from the scoping session are used to build-out a test environment that can be used for the initial User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
  • Final Configuration and setup of the production environment using the ideas created from the PoC
  • Go-live and Post-go-live support, where the Clearvision team will support your solution as it is introduced into the business

So get in contact with us today and see how we can help improve your workflow, motivate your team dan ensure that your IT processes are at maximum potential. Leave us a comment or enquire with our in house team at

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