Atlassian Team’21 announcements

Atlassian Team’21 announcements

Atlassian announced a ton of new products and updates at Team'21. Read this blog post to find out what's available now and what's to come.


Atlassian Team’21 product announcements

New – Jira Work Management

Collaborating just got easier for business teams with Jira Work Management, a product that allows users to track, coordinate, and manage all aspects of work in one place. Users get all the power of Jira, packaged in a friendly and approachable interface. Jira Work Management connects effortlessly with Jira Software and Jira Service Management, allowing for task dependencies across products and compatibility with features such as Advanced Roadmaps. This is an enhancement and rebrand of the existing Jira Core functionality; new features will be delivered automatically on April 28th to ALL cloud-based business projects. No loss of data or changes to settings will occur as a result of this transition. Read more about Jira Work Management in our blog post.

New – Jira Product Discovery ALPHA

Calling all Product Managers! Never before has Atlassian built a product specifically designed for Product Managers… until now. Product Managers often own P&Ls, manage Development and UX teams, and act as a liaison to different departments and customers. Experts at Atlassian noted the growing influence of Product Managers in businesses building software and responded with Jira Product Discovery. The product will help Product Managers prioritise impactful assets, and seamlessly integrate them into delivery planning and execution. It will allow them to engage with everyone and build a balanced view of requirements and opportunities as well as capture every product idea and all data in one place. Jira Product Discovery will help Product Managers build what matters.

Note: Product Managers can sign-up to join the ALPHA waiting list as early adopters, but ALPHA is available to Jira Software (JSW) Cloud customers only.

New – Team Central BETA Program

Atlassian experts class Team Central as the connective tissue of organisations, helping teams connect and communicate as frequently and with as little friction as possible. Team Central BETA provides a single place for updates, project progress, goal tracking, and team health; it even includes automated reminders and allows for more context in fewer characters making writing, reading, and reacting to updates a lot easier.

New – Compass Alpha 

Compass was modelled after a tool built by Atlassian for internal use. Experts improved it for software development teams to help them realise the benefits of distributed architectures.

Compass seeks to guide businesses through the challenge of sprawl — the ever-growing mass of output that a modern, distributed software architecture generates. It connects teams by storing software components (services, APIs, documentation), insights, and policies in one place.

New – Atlassian Open DevOps

Open DevOps is the latest from the DevOps solution program and it is a huge step towards Atlassian’s goal of connecting software teams while keeping Jira at the heart.

The new pre-configured DevOps project in Jira combines JSW, Confluence, BB, JSM, and partner tools; users can expect an easily configured toolchain from Jira, fewer status updates for Devs, better project tracking for Project and Product Managers, and improved insight for Ops teams and downstream Stakeholders. Users will also have more choice of tooling as they can sub in the default tools with the applications their Developers actually want to use.

Atlassian product and solution updates

Last year, Atlassian announced the reimagined version of Jira Service Desk, Jira Service Management. This year they’ve made further updates in an ongoing mission to bring Dev, IT, and business teams together to deliver exceptional customer and employee service experiences at high velocity.

The cost and complexity of legacy ITSM solutions are no longer an issue with Jira Service Management which empowers teams to deliver great service experiences faster. Atlassian has made it so that IT can now empower any business team as a ‘Service team’, from Facilities to Finance, Legal, HR, and Marketing. Atlassian is also investing in an intuitive self-service portal, a no-code/low-code forms builder that includes 300+ pre-built templates, an embedded knowledge base, and conversational ticketing capabilities via the Halp acquisition.

Mindville Insight for asset and configuration management is now included in Jira Service Management, providing IT Support and Operations teams with a visual map of business services and assets, as well as dependencies on other services and infrastructure. It is now easier than ever to collaborate more effectively with Dev teams and make informed decisions around changes and requests.

Accelerate Dev + Ops flows: Atlassian is continuing to invest in deeper incident and change management capabilities to help Dev and IT teams respond to changes and resolve incidents faster.

New Atlassian Access features

Brand new features have and are continuing to be rolled out to Atlassian Access in an ongoing effort to provide users with the flexibility to determine the types of policies applied to different subsets of users and the option to exclude subsets of users from being billed by Access. Already live, is the ability for Atlassian Access Org Admins to set multiple authentication policies to apply to different subsets of users in the organisation. Org Admins can use an authentication policy to test their SAML configuration by enabling SSO on a small subset of users before rolling it out to the wider business.

Note: In the near future, Access Org Admins will have the option to select one authentication policy to be a non-billable policy. This non-billable policy will be excluded from the Atlassian Access subscription. If there is a subset of users an Org Admin does not want to apply any Access features to (SSO, 2SV, etc.), they can be placed in this policy (cannot be the default policy) and users will not be billable for Access.

Confluence update

The following features have already been shipped to Confluence and are readily available:

  • Inline comment in edit mode.
  • In-editor templates in the right rail.
  • Smart Links – fully embed content from other sites onto Confluence pages.
  • Page archiving + bulk archiving (bulk = Premium).
  • Analytics (see who viewed your page for Standard) + page read time.
  • Mobile: Dark mode, inline comments, supports 18 languages, OAuth/SSO, log in with FaceID, switch between sites.
  • Release tracks (Enterprise).
  • Team Calendars (now a part of Premium).

Coming soon:

  • Page cover images, title emojis, and customisable space avatars to bring posts to life; catch the eye of colleagues as they skim their updates each day, and make it easy to find assets with improved categorisation.
  • Schedule pages or blog posts for publishing at a time your audience is likely to be online.
  • Visualise data in a table as a graph or chart.
  • Edit macros in the right rail instead of the dialogue box.
  • Nudges – if you mention a person, you can see if they have viewed your content, if not you can give them a gentle nudge to remind them.

Coming later: A personalised activity feed and homepage that uses built-in smarts. Instead of showing every updated page across the organisation, the feed only displays pages from the relevant people and spaces. Also, Confluence Premium will allow users to add external collaborators and control which spaces they have access to.

Halp update:

Last year, Atlassian introduced Halp — generally available today. It is a modern ticketing help desk that seamlessly integrates with Slack and Microsoft Teams, making request management more conversational. It provides a faster, more informal way of managing internal requests, adding just the right amount of process necessary to keep work flowing and teams in sync.

What to expect from Atlassian in the near future

Forge: Atlassian has confirmed that on May 25th 2021, Forge will become generally available to users. Forge is a new Cloud extensibility platform that allows users to build apps that extend, integrate, and customise Atlassian Cloud products. It is available for Jira and Confluence today, but will eventually expand to all Cloud products requiring extensibility.

Note: Forge is and will continue to be Cloud only.

Also announced:

Bamboo Data Center EAP.

Cloud Fortified apps (coming soon).

Security enhancements to make the combination of hybrid solutions using both Cloud and Data Center more secure (coming later).

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