How Atlassian is revolutionising ITSM with JSM

How Atlassian is revolutionising ITSM with JSM

Atlassian extended its footprint in IT Service Management (ITSM) with the launch of Jira Service Management. We explore how the product is revolutionising ITSM practices.


Atlassian enhanced Jira Service Desk (JSD) and relaunched the product under a new name — Jira Service Management (JSM) in November 2020. The application was reimagined to address IT support processes and to bring together Development and IT Operations. Improvements such as enhanced collaboration and high velocity are being enjoyed today as a result.

How Jira Service Management is revolutionising ITSM

With teams now largely dispersed, the need for ITSM platforms has never been more important with accessibility becoming a must. Jira Service Management provides the visibility teams need over projects that are being worked on across the business.

How Atlassian has improved its product:

ITSM low-code

When it comes to refining and defining automation, workflows, and record types, teams using JSM can leverage a low-code approach all while remaining standardised on Jira.

Alerting, on-call scheduling, and incident swarming

Incorporated from Atlassian’s own Incident Management solution Ospgenie, JSM comes with alerting, on-call scheduling, and incident swarming built-in! Other features include deeper integrations with Jira Software for project management, Bitbucket for code repositories, and Confluence for improved collaboration.

Change management functionality

To help teams respond to business developments at greater speed, IT teams can leverage functionalities geared towards helping them create exceptional customer service experiences, e.g. bulk ticket actioning and algorithms that categorise similar tickets.

Atlassian’s Head of Product, Edwin Wong, mentioned the timeliness of the launch and confirmed Atlassian’s commitment to invest in the ITSM space, calling it a market with continued strong momentum and growth. “Together with tight integrations to other Atlassian products and our suite of more than 900-plus integrations and applications on the Atlassian Marketplace, teams really do have all the contextual information at their fingertips to make well-informed decisions.”

The future of Jira Service Management


In the near future, Atlassian plans to improve Jira Service Management with the addition of asset and configuration management as a result of the recent acquisition of Mindville Insight. Conversational ticketing capabilities will also be integrated into the application thanks to Atlassian’s acquisition of Halp.

Get help with Jira Service Management

Atlassian’s Partner Program exists to help businesses get the most out of the tools they invest in. Clearvision is an award-winning Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, with consultants keen to assist in ITSM transformations. Get in touch by clicking the button below and begin your journey to improved business processes today.


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