Enterprise Service Management: Collaboration across your business

A service-oriented organisation - free from silos

Transform your business from a traditional, rigid structure to an Agile, collaborative service-oriented environment with Eficode’s webinar series on Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Unlock the power of ITSM for other departments in your business. Take what works within Service Management and apply it to other areas in your business, like Human Resources (HR), Finance, Security or Marketing.

Service Management

Here’s what you can expect:

Learn how to tackle the top business challenges and make sure you’re using all of the right tools with this comprehensive 8-part webinar series. 

Take a closer look at each episode for more detailed insight into various topics that can benefit your organisation – from understanding the challenges your business may face, the best practices your teams should be using, and the tools that’ll deliver value FAST.

Join us and learn:

  • What ESM, ITSM and ITIL4 is, and how to apply them in your organisation.
  • How to do this across the board, so that ALL your employees will reap the benefits.
  • Each business areas’ different challenges, practices, and tools.

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Webinar Episodes List

8th FEB

2.00 PM CET From February 8 until May 24th




Free webinar series.
Each episode is 45 min.

8th February – IT Service Desk (on-demand)

The IT Service Desk plays a key central role within Enterprise Service Management, ensuring your businesses’ IT systems and services are running smoothly – and that your employees and stakeholders have all the support they need. 

In this webinar, we’ll look into the different challenges like IT Service Desk operations and Workload management, and how to provide timely and effective support.

22nd February – Human Resources (on-demand)

Human Resources (HR) is responsible for ensuring your employees are well-equipped and motivated to contribute to the success of your organisation. In the context of ESM, HR is responsible for providing employees with the skills and resources they need to be effective in their roles.

In this webinar, we’ll look into the challenges and solutions of employee onboarding/offboarding, employee engagement and retention.

8th March – Finance (on-demand)

The Finance department is a critical component of any organisation and ensures its financial resources are used effectively and efficiently. By working closely with other teams and areas within the business, Finance can create a cohesive and effective environment that meets the needs of all its stakeholders.

During this episode, we’ll learn how to manage financial risks, reporting and analysis and integration of considerations into ESM processes.

21st March – Facility (on-demand)

Facility management can be a complex and challenging task – especially for large organisations with multiple facilities and physical assets. Within ESM, Facility management plays a key role in ensuring the business allocates sufficient resources, and follows regulations and requirements – all while maintaining its physical spaces and assets.

In this webinar, we’ll share the challenges and solutions for managing the: 

  • Maintenance and upkeep of physical assets
  • Space and resources
  • Vendor relationships

5th April – DevOps (on-demand)

DevOps aims to accelerate the development and delivery of software and services by streamlining processes and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Regarding ESM, DevOps can be a powerful tool for improving collaboration, communication and efficiency.

In this episode, we’ll look at ESM from a DevOps perspective and how to:

  • Manage the integration and automation of development and operations processes
  • Ensure the security and stability of systems and services
  • Govern the continuous delivery and deployment of updates and changes

26th April – Security (and Legal) (on-demand)

Security is a critical concern in all organisations. It helps protect assets, data, and systems from external threats and vulnerabilities. In this webinar, we’ll look into managing cybersecurity risks, and ensuring compliance with security regulations – with a large focus on managing the integration of security into ESM processes.

10th May – Marketing (on-demand)

A marketing department aims to promote the organisation’s services and build relationships with customers and stakeholders. In this webinar, we’ll look into the challenges of the marketing department when it comes to managing customer expectations – ensuring the alignment of marketing efforts with ESM strategies, as well as the integration of marketing considerations into ESM processes.

24th May – ESM summary and Key takeaways

In this final episode, we’ll give you a summary of what we have come up with in these webinars, and share insights, benefits and key takeaways. We’ll also demonstrate how to get going with your own ESM setup.

Note – This webinar series is being promoted by Clearvision because we are now a part of Eficode.

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